Social Media

Want to connect your business/company to Social Media Platforms.
For potential customers to see your services, products etc.


Social Media’s content should be attention grabbing, engaging to your followers and listening to potential customer and current customer’s needs.

Platforms for social media includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few.

The aim is to share your company’s content and generate interest and engagement with you. To grab the attention your audience and customers, also allowing your existing followers to see other services and products that you offer.

It will enable ‘on the spot’ advertising for different services e.g. ‘Giveaways’, ‘Competitions’, ‘Announcements’, ‘latest news and offers’ for example.

Most people now, use social media, it has quick accessibility and enables them to feel part of the pages they follow.

Social media pages, need to be ‘Attention Grabbing’, informative and straight to the point – Grab the Customer whilst they are perusing Facebook for example.

Draw potential customers and grow your brand and service.

Below a small selection of media clips we have created and used for the likes of Facebook and Instagram.
We have created moving images GIF non-video to grab the browsing audience and to renegade past viewers


Is a beauty hub supplying hair design, Aesthetics, Skin Care, Waxing the complete one-stop place. We have created their website and online shop and marketing material. Mi'Amour is at present going through an expansion and transformation as the business builds. These images / videos are in Instagram format to best fill the available viewing area of mobile screens.

This was an open day at Mi'Amour. This short clip showed the event and enabled her audience to experience a feel of the day, not to be missed.