Behind The Scenes Look

Behind The Scenes Suicide Sundae

The girls wanted a rustic dark look. When I showed them this location which a disused derelict railway siding and building, they just went right on. The video shows the day of photography and some of the images captured. The behind the scenes photographer was my wife Janice. The shoot was in mid March. A week before the girls went on a pre shoot look, there was 7cm of snow on the ground, wet in the building & VCOLD. But lucky for the girls a warm front came in midweek melted the snow (shame) but warmer for the girls. Well the girls did very well. The sun was out but we were inside the building and that wind was COLD. We wanted to do a second location when the light faded but unfortunately the girls faded first. They learned a lot as this was their first shoot, for next shoot in 2 months (a lot warmer).

Hair Design by Gemma Evers Buckland from Rock in Rollers

Ash Before Oak, Favourite Chickens The Album

You don't need to spend a fortune or BIG BUDGET on your album cover. Just add eggs, two egg cartons and two feather cushions and a band with a clown.

This was a shoot for Ash before Oak’s latest album. The session was based around the humble egg and chicken and was a wild shoot with Faberk O'Shea the clown with his mischievous antics..

As you can see the whole shoot was done on a very tight budget. The shoot was done at marks house. He even painted a wall to match the colour he was looking at (think he just likes looking at a yoke) the furniture moved and hay, Studio created. Just because we didn’t use a large studio you can still achieve the required results. As you can see the theme was on Chickens, well eggs and feathers. The feathers and Rick’s large fan as a snow machine was a spontaneous idea, half way through the shoot, resulting in, well nice try, bugger look at the mess. Pete with his BLACK suit wasn’t impressed either as he was off to dinner afterwards.

The album is now available and the group are now doing selected gigs to promote their latest album.

Halloween marketing for KD make up


This was to promote KD make up with the run up to Halloween party season.

Staff and client awareness videos

Training video with Gemma for internal stylist use and client awareness.