Photo Restoration.
We all have that box of treasured photos, some dating back many many years. Of family members, some of which are no longer with us, but are still in our minds, also of holidays and gatherings  from previous years.

How many of them are:

  • Tired
  • Creased
  • Dog eared
  • Cracked etc?
  • faded

Now with the digital age, we rarely print off images, we rely on phones, tablets and laptops to view.

Those once treasured images, that are in fact your history, history that in generations to come will be grateful of, I have recently found an image of my Great Great Grandmother! My History there in print!!

I can restore and preserve those images for you, memories and history restored and digitalised for generations to come.

Don’t throw them away, or stuff them back in a box which will damage them even more. Preserve that memory for the future. I strongly believe that people and memories ‘live on’ in those that are presently here.

Please look at the examples of images that I have restored.

Not only we repair photographs we also repair negatives and slides. Also image manipulation.

Pricing starts at £20 depending on the complexity of repair. We do offer discounts on quantity.

For a pricing you can send in a image from your phone and send it via WhatsApp to 0758 428 7902 Outside of the UK +44 758 428 7902. Or use the contacts page and attach the image to the message.


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