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Whatever the season, a garden is beautiful, each brings with it; different colours, structures and surprises. After many hours planning and preparing, your garden is now at its most stunning whether a formal layout or a wild, natural garden.

Future visitors will see your garden in all its glory, we will take them on a journey through photographic and atmospheric images. Images that capture the real garden, the secrets that are sometimes missed and a journey through the lens of a camera will help make your garden a memory of a pleasant afternoon.

A garden is a place of peace and tranquillity, a place where people can enjoy and also reflect in the wonder of flowers and of the natural fragrance they bestow. In this example, a photographic video has been produced from stills, and accompanied by atmospheric music that complements the garden.  We at Andrew Vincent Photography aim for the images to entice the viewer to experience your garden through an actual visit, to be a sneaky preview of what there actually is.

At Andrew Vincent photography, we believe in providing a true image of your garden, our images will show your garden’s flora at its best, the cheeky bumble bee as it forages for pollen, the birds as they sneak in and out of bird boxes. The delicate petals of the roses, which are so delicious to look at, one can almost smell the fragrance as the photographer catches them in just the right light.

Andrew Vincent Photography is also a website developer, we can create a website that will show your garden and inform your visitors of important information. The website will be complimented by images that our photographer will take.

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you, to make your garden the talk of the town, a place which should be visited over and over again and a place where, if only for a moment, time stands still.

To view a example of the garden please click on either of the links below.

The Gamesleyfold website.
Gamesleyfold on the AVP website.



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